RMP provides a wide range of professional services and has a team of qualified personnel to service our clients.

  • Accounting
  • Audit & Advisory
  • Consultancy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Secretarial
  • Forensic & IT Services
  • Liquidation & Receivership
  • Tax


RMP provides a range of services to ensure your business complies with its reporting requirements. 

But it is not just about compliance. RMP will help you to develop your business effectively, efficiently and more profitably. We identify issues relevant to you and your business and respond in a proactive and innovative manner, providing you with the best possible options. 

The services we provide include the following:

Accounting Administration

Without having a full-time accountant, you could outsource your accounting administration to us. We would be your accountant who will focus and support your business transactions while coordinating your specific financial accounts procedures and needs: Book-keeping, GST Submission, Payroll Services and Management Reporting.

Book-keeping Services

Ensure that your accounts are kept in compliance with accepted accounting standards in timely manner so that you can manage your business better.

GST Submission

Ensure that you are in compliance with the GST requirements.

Payroll Services

Ensure that all your employees are paid in a timely and accurate manner according to the Employment Act and your contractual agreements with them.

All company obligations are catered for monthly and annually.

Audit & Advisory

Audit & Advisory

The role of the audit division is to provide an effective and efficient audit service to our clients.

This service is at the forefront of technical and legislative excellence with significant resources committed to the quality of the audits and the training of audit personnel. An important part of the service is to foster open and honest communication with clients to give them an understanding of the purpose of our procedures and assist them to steadily improve their financial systems, which would not only assist us but also provide the client with reliable management information.

Our audit division provides the following services:

Due Diligence Audit

Due Diligence Audit are performed to ensure that the target organization financial statements are verified as per accepted accounting standards and any established laws prevailing.

This is usually performed during a Merger/Acquisition exercise to enable management to confidently accept for its decision making the financial statements and financial processes asserted as the due diligence would have established their veracity.

Statutory Audit

This service is to comply with the Companies Act to ensure that the financial statements are providing a “true and fair” view of the state of affairs of the company’s well-being for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Internal Audit

This would serve as a management tool to make improvements and ensure the processes are in compliance of good accounting standards and practices to safeguard the company’s assets and maintain good corporate governance.


To help review, set up and maintain suitable accounting and control systems



Our consultancy division provides the following services:

  • Business Plan Preparation and Implementation
  • Business and Share Valuation Report
  • General Business Advisory Services for SMEs
  • Hospitality and Leisure Consultancy
  • IT Consultancy
  • Litigation Support Services
  • Project Feasibility Studies
  • Risk Management and Corporate Governance
  • Restructuring and re-construction
Corporate Finance

Corporate Finance

Our Corporate Finance division provides these services:

  • Due Diligence and Valuation
  • Flotation
  • Management buy-out and buy-in
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Raising Finance
Corporate Secretarial

Corporate Secretarial

Our Corporate Secretarial division provides the following services:

  • Incorporation of Companies
  • Registration of Foreign Companies in Singapore (Branches)
  • Registration of Business Names
  • Application for Employment/Dependents' Passes
  • Registration of Representative Office
  • Maintenance of corporate secretarial records in accordance with the Companies’ Act
Forensic & IT Services

Forensic & IT Services

Our Forensic and IT specialists provide the following services:


  • Forensic Accounting
  • IT Forensic

IT Services

  • Strategic IT Planning
  • Accounting & Business System Review
  • IT Auditing
Liquidation & Receivership

Liquidation & Receivership

Our insolvency services include the following services:

  • Judicial Management
  • Voluntary Liquidation
  • Creditors Winding-up


Our Tax division brings together a group of professionals whose aim is to ensure personal, business and corporate clients minimise their tax payments both now and in the future.

We can offer the following support and services:

  • Tax Advisory Services
  • Tax Compliance
  • Tax Planning